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Written by Doug Joy   
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 04:22

Section 1.  God is our Foundation.
Those authoring this Constitution declare the American Party to have been brought into existence upon the foundation of its organizers' belief in Almighty God and in Jesus Christ, upon their total commitment to the whole counsel of God's Word, and upon their determination that the American Party shall function, so long as it shall endure, in conformity with His Will.  The American Party is and shall remain a political entity which is essentially Christian-oriented.  It is our fervent hope that God will use the American Party to bless and save our free Republic.
Section 2.  Man and Government.
A.  Constitution.   Members of the American Party believe that the original United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights were prepared and adopted by men acting under inspiration from Almighty God; that they are solemn compacts between the people of the states of this nation which all officers of government are under oath to obey; and that the eternal moral laws expressed therein must be adhered to or individual liberty will perish.
B.  Limited Government.  Members of the American Party believe it a violation of the Constitution for government to deprive the individual of his life, liberty or property except for these purposes:  (1) to punish crime and provide for the administration of justice; (2) to provide for the nation's defense; (3) to compel each one who enjoys the protection of government to bear his fair share of the burden of performing the above functions.
Section 3.  A Permanent Platform.
In implementation of Sections 1 and 2 above of this Article III, the American Party declares the following positions to constitute its permanent platform.
A. Foreign Policy
1.  Secret Agreements.  The American Party believes it necessary that our government be prohibited from conducting secret negotiations or entering into secret treaties or agreements in any way binding on the United States.
2.  World GovernmentThe American Party opposes United States membership in any organization which in any way infringes on the sovereignty of the United States and its citizens.
3.  Foreign Aid.  The American Party deems it a violation of the right of private property guaranteed under the Constitution for the federal government to deprive the citizens of this nation of their property through taxation or otherwise and make a gift thereof to foreign governments or their citizens.
4. Foreign Trade.  The American Party is for cutting off all trade, aid and "recognition" of a state which denies its citizens the right to leave and take their property with them.
5.  Military Posture.  The American Party holds that the United States must maintain an invincible military position, since it is overwhelming military strength and a ready willingness to use it that has constituted throughout the ages the mightiest deterrent to aggression and the greatest bulwark for peace.
6.  War.  The American Party opposes any U.S. military interference in any other country for more than seventy-two hours without a declaration of war by the Congress. 
B.  Domestic Policy.
1.  Limitation of Federal Authority.  The United States Government and agencies thereof are specifically prohibited from exercising any power or authority whatsoever, excepting as such power is expressly delegated by the Constitution.  Therefore, excepting in furtherance of functions specifically named in the Constitution, the position of the American Party is that said government; 
a.)  Shall not engage in or subsidize any activity to produce, sell, transport or distribute any goods or perform any services not authorized by the Constitution;
b.)  Shall not finance, subsidize or legislate with respect to charity, welfare, public works or education, excepting that it may maintain academies in conjunction with the defense of the United States of America;
c.)  Shall not incur a budget deficit except in time of declared war;
d.)  Shall not legislate respecting state laws which prescribe district and establish qualifications of voters for state and local office.
2.  Gun Control.  The American Party supports the Constitutional right of an individual citizen to keep and bear arms.  The American Party opposes, in any form, registration and/or regulation of guns, ammunition, or their owners.
3.  Death PenaltyThe American Party asserts its belief that the death penalty, a recognized criminal deterrent since the commencement of recorded history, and Biblically enjoined as an appropriate deterrent and penalty, be imposed upon conviction of murder in the first degree, treason, forcible rape or other infamous crime.
4.  Law Enforcement.  a.)  The American Party believes that the responsibility for crime control, including capital punishment, is the legal and financial responsibility of state and local government.  We therefore oppose a national police force or any attempt by the federal government to control and/or finance local or state police.
b.)  Treason, as defined in the United States Constitution, is a federal crime and is punishable by the death penalty.
5.  Termination of Life.  Since God and His nature's law prohibits any man from taking the life of another, excepting in defense of self, another, his country, or under direction of law as a penalty for treason or other infamous crime, obviously no one can take the life of another on the grounds that such other is either too young, too old or too ill to be permitted to continue to live.  Accordingly, the American Party asserts its eternal opposition to both abortion and euthanasia.
6.  Monetary Policy.  The American Party believes:  The inalienable right of individuals to exchange their services, goods, and real property voluntarily, using any items mutually agreed upon as their media of exchange, and to mine, own, use and trade precious metals shall not be abridged by governments; nor shall governments declare anything legal tender except as provided by the United States Constitution.
7.  Principles for a Fiscal Policy.  a.)  The Federal Government is a limited agency of the several states and its expenditures are limited to those purposes specifically delegated to it by the Constitution.
b.)  Congress shall annually adopt a Federal budget for the following year and regulate expenditures and revenues so that no interest bearing debt is incurred, except of time in war declared by Congress.

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